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Lodge History

These are three texts describing the History of St. John's Lodge from 1843 to 2018.


The History of St. John's No. 63

In 1993, V.W.Bro. G.A. Sandy Docker set about the enormous task of writing a history of St. John’s Lodge No. 63.  It is an interesting story, as it dates back to prior to the creation of the Grand Lodge of Canada, and encompasses the struggle between rival Grand Lodges for legitimacy.

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The Next 25 Years

In 2018, to mark the 175th anniversary of St. John's Lodge, our Lodge Historian, Jim Tye, has added "The Next 25 Years, 1993-2018" to our Lodge's history.

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History of St. John's

This is a text written by the Grand Historian in 2013 giving an overview of the full history of the Lodge.

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